Diabetes and Healthy Aging

Adjusting to having diabetes is not an easy task. It’s hard enough that we live in a world full of violence, confusion, messed up media, etc. But those who have diabetes can still live healthy lives as long as they stick to a healthy diet, take their medications correctly and exercise. Don’t ever underestimate diabetes though…it is a very serious condition, it can even be deadly.

So what exactly is diabetes, you ask?

It is a very scary disease that you can get if you don’t take care of yourself and eat properly. Another thing that may cause diabetes is genetics. Actually they have discovered in most cases that hereditary is the main problem. Diabetes can even cause blindness, or lead to needing to have your legs or feet amputated. This disease is caused when your body doesn’t create enough insulin to breakdown sugar in your bloodstream. There are 2 types of diabetes, but many levels. There is Diabetes Insipidus and Mellitus.

The first type of diabetes is where your body isn’t able to create enough insulin to do what needs to be done. The good news is that this type is treatable. But you will need to take meds, follow a very strict diet, exercise and take very good care of yourself. There are 5 types of Diabetes Mellitus. Each one is caused by insulin interruptions where your system is disrupted. This disturbance makes it very difficult for your body to function properly. Your body will not be able to respond correctly and it will require you to take insulin shots to treat this condition – depending on which type you have.

So how do you know if you have this disease?

Obviously if you go to your doctor regularly, they will be monitoring your health, so will be able to diagnose if you have it. Be sure to tell your doctor if diabetes runs in your family so they can run testing on occasion. To find out if you have diabetes you will have to do a glucose test. Another way doctors determine if you have diabetes is through blood work.

Is there anything you should watch for?

If you drink a lot, but still feel thirsty. If you are often very tired, but you shouldn’t be. Meaning you are getting plenty of rest. Depending on the type of diabetes that you could have, some other symptoms are as follows: weakness, loss of weight, gaining weight, not able to endure pain, etc. Diabetes is very confusing to your body and your body doesn’t really know how to act.

Is there anything you can do to prevent getting diabetes?

Good question. If you go to your doctor often, they can actually catch the disease in it’s very early stage, which can help you be able to manage it better. Like stated earlier, you need to eat healthy and exercise daily to stay at a healthy weight.

What do people with diabetes do?

This is actually on of those diseases that doesn’t show partiality. It attacks young and old and once you get diabetes it does put you at risk to becoming blind.

Some even may lose their legs or other limps due to this disease. Many with diabetes are at risk for having kidney failure as well. If you are someone that has already been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure to follow all the advice your doctor gives you. The number 1 recommendation to people with diabetes is to make sure you are consuming lots of fluids because your body loses a lot of fluids as this disease causes your body to drain its organs of their elements. You will need to stay away from saturated fatty foods and sugars. And obviously, you will need to be tested by your doctor often to control this disease.

If you have this disease you will want to take very good care of yourself because it can lead to headaches, tachycardia, meningitis, muscle weakness, dehydration, increased pain, etc. It may also cause sexual dysfunctions, blurred vision, slow healing, etc. And never forget that diabetes can be deadly, so be sure to take extra good care of yourself.

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