Eating Healthy as You Age

healthy eating

As most of you know, you have to eat healthy in order to stay healthy. If you don’t, your body will not recieve all the good nutrition it needs to keep you healthy. Eating gives your body fuel. Just like you have to add gas to your car so that you can get from point A to point B, your body needs food to have the energy it needs to get things done. Overeating isn’t good for you and not eating enough can be harmful to your health as well.

So what foods should you eat? Well for starters, not all foods are good for you and even some foods that are good for you need to be eaten in limited quantities. Take liver for instance, it is loaded with iron which is great for your blood, but too much of it isn’t going to be good for you. Veggies and fruit are also really good for you, but if you consume too much it’s not good because of the sugar that the fruit contains. Too much sugar from fruit may also raise your insulin levels, which is not good especially if you are trying to lose weight. High cholesterol can also come from the foods you eat if you are not careful. High cholesterol can cause your arteries to harden which can often lead to a heart attack or stroke. So you need to eat, but you also need to watch what you eat and how much you’re eating.

How do you know if you are eating healthy or not? Good question. First of all, when you go to your doctor for your check ups he will tell you if you need to lose weight or gain weight. He will possibly put you on a diet or maybe even hook you up with a local nutritionist to get your eating habits dialed in. Most likely he will talk to you about the importance of daily exercise and how your body has to be able to burn up what you take in so that it doesn’t turn into fat.

Always keep in mind the primary food groups and eat from those. Do your very best to make sure you are only consuming the amounts your supposed to for your body weight and that you’re working out for at least 30 minutes a day. Here at Victory Fit Camp we can really help you get your nutrition and supplementation dialed in so that you are eating exactly what you’re supposed to be eating and there is no longer any guess work. It’s a lot easier than counting calories or points, that’s for sure!

We are also here for you for moral support and accountability. You will be able to reach out and connect with people that are facing the same challenges you are facing and you can help each other overcome the hurdles and obstacles. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to us, then be sure to buddy up with a family member or friend. Accountability is crucial to helping you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals. Keep in mind to set goals along the way, but make sure they are realistic goals – goals you can actually achieve in a time frame that you will be happy with so you will stick and stay with your new healthy lifestyle. Remember when it comes to your health, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Last, but certainly not least, is your mindset. Mindset is probably the most critical thing when it comes to losing weight and making any changes in your life. You have to have your mind set on what you want and not stop before you achieve it. If you don’t think you can really do it, or you don’t really want to do it, then you will not be successful. You have to have reasons that mean something to you in order to achieve your results. For example, you can’t just say I want to lose 50 lbs. Why do you want to lose 50 lbs? Is it so you can be healthy for your grandkids? Is it so you can go on that trip you’ve always wanted to go on and have the energy to do the things you haven’t been able to do? Attach reasons and purposes to your goals and you will change your mindset. Once your mindset is changed, then your goals will not only happen, but they will last.


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