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Are you needing to lose 10-15 lbs right away? Are you looking to lose water weight, fat, or muscle?

What you may not understand is that when it comes to weight loss, many connect the lbs going down on the scale to losing fat, but that’s not always the case.

If you are someone that is just wanting the scale to show that you are 15 lbs lighter, then you probably don’t really care if you lose water, fat or muscle. But if you are someone that is trying to get rid of the bulge around your belly, then you are definitely looking to lose fat.

Whether you are wanting to lose fat or just pounds, you must know some of that weight loss will be water. Actually, during the first couple of days of any diet program, water weight will be the majority of what you lose.

As many of you know there are many, many sites on the net that claim to be able to show you how to lose 15 lbs fast. One of the things that they typically don’t tell you is that losing weight at an accelerated rate can actually be dangerous to your health. But we have to keep in mind what they and you consider to be “fast.” Some people think that losing 15 lbs in a month is fast, while others want to be able to lose it in a few days.

Realistically, losing 15 lbs in a month is a great goal because it is something that you can do safely and effectively. But if not done correctly it can still be risky.

If are wanting to lose 15 lbs quickly, it can’t just be water weight, which is the easiest to get rid of. Obviously your body needs water to survive and to deprive it of too much water will actually cause your body to start to break down.

Starving yourself or eating very little is not the answer either. Actually, not eating causes your body to hold onto the weight you already have and even gain more. When you aren’t adequately giving your body what it needs, little warning signs start to go of. As your body is striving to survive, it holds on to every little thing you put into your body, which typically ADDS weight.

The most effective way to lose 15 lbs quickly is by eating a high protein diet – one high in meat. You don’t want to only eat meat though because that is not good for you either. Your body craves and needs a well-balanced diet that provides all the nutrients it needs. Eating a well-balanced diet and knowing which foods to eat is the best, most effective way to lose weight.

Before you begin any weight loss program make sure to get not only your starting weight, but also your body measurements and body fat %. Keep these numbers handy so you can see the progress you are making along the way. Often people give up when it comes to losing weight because the number on the scale isn’t going down, but they are often lose inches – which is even more important.

So here are couple tips you can incorporate to lose 15 lbs quickly:

  1. Reduce your salt intake. Salt is a food that causes your body to retain water so you want to reduce the amount you consume.
  2. Eat smaller meals every 2.5-3 hours to keep your body well-nourished.
  3. Eat foods that use more energy to digest, high protein foods, such as: chicken, salmon, asparagus, cheese, carrots, squash and green beans.
  4. Make sure you are drinking LOTS of water all day long.
  5. Make sure your exercises aren’t just burning fat, but also building muscle. After all, the more muscle you have the more calories you move just sitting there.

Be sure to have your measurements re-taken about 2 weeks after you start to see the progress you’re making. If you’re not making any progress, adjust your eating accordingly. Just remember, that losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. It didn’t take you a couple of weeks to put the weight on, it’s typically not going to come off that quickly either. Just set realistic goals and keep moving forward.


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