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So I entered my 10 month old daughter, Jasmyne, into the Parents Magazine “Kid of the Year Contest” & I just received an email today that this is her week to collect as many votes as possible. I think she is REALLY cute, so I’m hoping that she wins. 🙂

I have a huge favor to ask ya’ll, but I will get back to that in a bit.


I was reading this magazine today in between teaching Fit Camps & I came across this article with some really cool new workout gadgets in Better Homes and Gardens. I thought there was some really awesome new gadgets so I wanted to pass it on to you…hope you enjoy!

1. FIT TO BE TRIED – It may be just inches long, but this monitor packs huge measuring power. A 3-D motion sensor tracks calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and even sleep quality, building a super-accurate picture of your daily activities. All for only $99 at


2. JUMP FOR JOY – This isn’t your average jump rope – adjust the length to your height, enter your weight, and a tiny digital counter clocks the calories you’ve burned. Sunny digital jump rope for only $30 at



3. QUALITY TIME – Tracking your stats is a cakewalk with this GPS-enabled watch. Its built-in USB cable uploads your time, distance, pace, and the calories you burned. You can get this nifty little gadget for $199 at nike.comfit camp, boot camp, daphne, fairhope, mobile, weight loss, lose weight



4. EAR GEAR – Sweat and headphones just don’t mix – water can easily damage the tiny speakers. So invest in a pair made to stand up to H2o (good for tubs or spas, too), and keep the tunes flowing. Flex waterproof buds only $30 at



And last, but definetely not least

DRINK UP – Call it a coach-in-a-can. This “smart” water bottle calculates the amount of liquid your body needs and monitors exactly how much you consume. Just plug in your weight, duration of exercise, and other hydration factors (like heat), and it generates a personal hydration goal. Get yours for $30 at Some pretty cool stuff, huh?! I thought so…I’m definetly gonna be getting me one of those water bottles and a fitbit!! 🙂

Now, back to the HUGE favor I wanted to ask you…

Like I said, I entered Jasmyne into a photo contest and I need as many votes as possible. So PLEASE click the link below and vote DAILY for her for the next 7 days…and if you don’t mind, let your friends and family know to vote for her too. We would LOVE it if she won!! 🙂 

or you can go to our FanPage at

Until next time…


Coach Deanna



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