Tips to Help You Look Younger

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The thought of growing old or aging is a hard for a lot of people to deal with. They think their looks will be the first thing to go and don’t want to lose the vibrancy and fresh look they had as a youth. There are some simple methods that have been discovered to help take years off your appearance without the need for plastic surgery or any procedures that require sticking needles in places they ought not be stuck.

Do you have gray hair? If so, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you will want to style it in a way that could take years off your appearance. Do you have wrinkles on your forehead? If so, get a hairstyle that allows you to have bangs that are either straight or sweep across your forehead.

Do you have issues with your jaw line? If so, try sporting a layered hair style cut to the neck area to take focus away from your jaw line. Or add shorter layers at the top of your head, this gives your hair more volume and also takes the focus of any sagging jaw line areas. Do you have crows feet around your eyes? If so, style your hair around your eyes to cover up some of those lines. Do you like to keep your hair long? If so, have it layered to give you a fresher look – it’s like a natural facelift.

Are you self-concious of your gray hairs? You can do an all over color, but make sure you don’t go too dark for you skin complexion. Or you can try just adding highlights to cover up some of the gray and just enhance your natural hair color.

Using makeup is a great way to help you looking younger and more vibrant. Do you have thinning eyebrows? Simply use a cosmetic pencil to fill in the areas that have become sparse. Do you have dark circles under your eyes or age spots? Try applying concealer to under your eyes to reduce the darkness, but remember to use a creamy color that contains a yellow or peach undertone. Just use a small amount of foundation with a powder to seal the concealer. It’s smart to use a cream blush instead of powder because powder blushes tend to draw attention to any wrinkles you may have.

Like to wear lipstick? Awesome, but remember to use lighter lip colors because darker colors tend to make your features appear harsh and actually draws attention to imperfections in your skin. Do you want fuller looking lips? Simple add a touch of gloss to your bottom lip – it does wonders.

Lastly, it is so important to use a daily moisturizer to keep your face looking hydrated and fresh. If you’re someone that likes to use foundation, make sure to pick one that is moisture rich. Always avoid using too much foundation as it can form in the lines in your face and make you look older than you are.

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