An Approach to Healthy Relationships and Yourself

Since we go to such great lengths to make ourselves healthy and to establish healthy relationships, we need to know that this includes everyone. There are many different approaches to this, but first we will look at what they call “theoretical line of attack to attention.”

There are 2 primary approaches to think about that have been discussed over the last several years by theorists. For starters they involve the formula that makes up cognition, mainly the formulation that centers on our reinforcements. Basically, these approaches are some alternate ways of understanding interpersonal behaviors and also some methods used to learn more about these behaviors.

Because of how we perceive things, how we think, and our inability to relate to various activities that happen around us, theorists have discovered that our need for others is related to our interpersonal communications and intelligence. Since reinforcements allow us to express our feelings, this plays a huge role in attraction. Not only do reinforcements do that, but they also have an effect on rational and irrational actions. We respond to things as we learn.

In closing, as we learn what is going on around us using our brains, we respond with our emotions.

That is why we are often drawn to others because of the way they react to us, and it is reinforced by our mental and emotional responses. We need to become aware of these responses, so that we can build healthy relationships.

As we work towards a healthier self, we have several facts to ponder. Mainly we need to realize how we personally react to our mental and emotional needs.

Having a better understanding of this info can help us reach our goals in achieving a healthier self, while at the same time making our relationships with those around us better. Basically what I’m saying, is this information can help us understand what we need to do in order to accomplish our given goals.

In the late 1950’s and 1970’s, 2 of the top theorists stated that our desires give attention to the way we challenge and also describe the way one thinks by paying attention to the “Person-Other-Object,” this is the P-O-X theory that is primarily focused on relationships. Theorists, Newcomb and Heider, stated that we often follow a flow that is in agreement with our likes and dislikes. They did this research after reading up on Walster’s P-O-X theory, which states that relationships must have 3 components: harmony, methodical structure, and balance.

Thinking on these theories, we understand that we must have relationships that contain both us and the other person having balance. This is just one avenue we can go down to insure that we are establishing healthy relationships.

Obviously, there are still other things we must do to develop a healthier self. Meditation is something to consider. This practice has been known to lead help the body and mind relax, which is exactly what is needed to keep your brain focused on the present. As you develop awareness and self-awareness, you will often discover the next step to take to increase your health.

Another thing to consider would be subliminal learning. This is actually one of the most popular things encouraged by professionals today. Subliminal learning allows you to have a better understanding of your subliminal mind and to explore your inner self to discover the solutions to many of your issues. They say that there are many hidden messages in this part of your mind, so it is very important that if you decide to go this route, that you will continue it for the rest of your life.

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