Fun Stress Relievers

fun stress relievers

There are many fun stress relievers that can help alleviate stress caused by a bad day and turn it around to a joyful evening.Things such as sporting events or social events is a great place to start.

Going to see a comedian or hanging around with family or friends that like to tell jokes is a huge way to relieve stress related issues such as depression, anxiety, and anger because there truly is no better medicine than laughter. Laughing causes an increase in your blood flow which adds to your overall vitality. And let’s just be honest…laughing just helps get your mind off of things and makes you feel better.

Talking to a close family member or friend will help you relieve some stress. Don’t necessarily talk about what is causing the stress, but talk about things that make you happy and bring you joy. Maybe an upcoming vacation, or funny stories that the 2 of you have shared in the past.

Another great stress reliever is music. That’s right it’s time to break out your CD collection or open up Pandora and sing along or dance and just let loose. Music has actually been shown to increase health by inspiring you and giving you a chance to calm down from stressful situations.

Cooking while listening to your favorite music is also great. This type of activity will keep your mind engaged and help you not to focus so much energy on what is bothering you and causing the stress in the first place. Plus you will get a good meal out of it.

Have a game night. Invite your family or friends over for a night of poker, Monopoly, charades, Xbox, Playstation or whatever games you enjoy playing. Anything that is going to make you laugh and have a good time with others.

If you are more of the athletic type, then get outside and do something more active. Go for a bike ride, a long walk, a jog, play tag football or basketball or tennis. As you engage in these activities it will lift your mood and you will be able to go home feeling refreshed.

Getting away for a night or weekend will really help to alleviate stress. While the above mentioned ideas are great, getting out of your home or away from the daily grind can really help give you a new perspective and reduce stress. So pack up those bags and go visit friends or family; go to the beach; go to the mountains; do something you enjoy doing away from your home that will bring joy to your life.

Bottom line – look for things to do that excite you and bring joy into your life. Even if you are not stressed out, doing things on a weekly basis that bring a smile to your face and put a pep in your step will keep stress levels down and cause you to enjoy your life more.


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