Jobs That Are Harmful to Your Health

Did you realize that some of the places where you work can actually be dangerous to your health? Some work environments can even cause medical and mental problems. As we all know, we all have to work to make a living and become someone in this life. So this blog is NOT telling you to quit your job, but we are telling you the importance of choosing your work wisely. It will start with you taking a good, hard look at your work environment to see if it is safe or not. To determine if where your working is affecting your health.

Jobs That Are Bad For You:

Sawmill and other mill jobs are not good for your health because of the small particles that you breathe into your lungs. Sawmill jobs effect your respiratory system because you will typically be breathing in sawdust. In other mill jobs, a person will breathe in such particles like corn, wheat or whatever type of grain mill it happens to be. Breathing these types of particles on a regular basis can cause you to develop bronchitis, allergies, lung disease, and even lung cancer.

Another job that can really effect your health is working in coal mines. People that work in coal mines can develop a disease known as black lung cancer. This disease is very dangerous an can even be terminal if not caught by a doctor & treated in a timely manner.

Having a job where you have to spray weed killer often or sprays to kill bugs can also be bad for your health. The crops that these chemicals are being sprayed on, need it to grow healthy, but the people breathing in these hard chemicals can put their health at risk. These types of chemicals can cause lung disease or lung cancer, and at the very least will most likely cause breathing problems.

What Can You Do To Be Safe At Work?

For starters if you have one of these previous mentioned jobs, you can ask your boss or supervisor, or even take it upon yourself to make sure you always wear a mask. Most of these types of work environments provide these the day you start the job, but if they don’t, be sure you purchase one yourself to protect your long term health.

Mental Problems Caused by Jobs:

Obviously there is no job on the planet that will be completely stress free. However, you can learn to control the amount of stress that is placed on you. As most of us know, stress will take control of you…if you let it. Everyone of us have deadlines to meet and we all want to make sure we are performing our jobs the right way. But if you let stress take over it can cause major issues like: heart disease, high blood pressure, or even a stroke. Bottom line, you are in control of how you let stress affect you – you can master it, or it will master you.

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