Stressed? 10 Simple Tips…

Stress is not something that any of us wants to deal with, but unfortunately, life has a way of giving us some trials that may challenge our ability to stay at peace. Reasons for stress can be endless. I mean anywhere from your next door neighbor being incredibly loud, to the pizza delivery man that keeps bringing you a hamburger pizza when your order a meat lovers, to the neighbors dog pooing in your yard, to the …well, you get what I’m saying.

So what’s the solution? Well, it is centered on 2 key components: focus and relaxing. Below are 10 tips to help you relieve stress and maintain a healthy balance to keep your blood pressure down and stop you from blowing up at work, home or play.

1. Stop concentrating on the problem and start concentrating on the solution. Change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. For example you may think about something that happened recently that was really funny or brightened your day, like the news of a new baby or an upcoming wedding.

2. While you are at work, if you get stressed, don’t just sit there and stew. Get up and go for a short walk around the office.

3. Try some different breathing techniques. This will help you focus on becoming peaceful.

4. Activities such as walking or swimming or jogging will help to alleviate some stress.

5.  Go somewhere and get someone to massage your head, or do it yourself. Many people don’t realize this, but gently rubbing your scalp will help put you at ease. Massages and meditation also offer some good therapy. If you don’t know how to meditate, simply close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.
6. If you are allowed, play a game or do a crossword puzzle. Activities such as these make it easy to discover at least 10 ways to reduce stress because it shifts your attention away from whatever is causing the stress. Some say that computer game lovers enjoy destroying aliens or something like that can help reduce their stress levels.

7. Turn on some good music. If your boss doesn’t allow you to listen to music, ask if you can bring in some headphones so your music won’t distract others. Music that encourages feelings of peace can act as a great source of stress reliever.

8. Have you ever heard the song, “The Drugs Don’t Work” from the Verve? Well, it is true. Being overly stressed or tired does not mean you should reach for that bottle of pills. Those drugs won’t make the problem go away or help you not remember it. We recommend grabbing a big glass of nice cold water and enjoy being refreshed naturally, instead of chemically.

9. Laughter! I know this is #9 on our list, but it is honestly one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. Laughter brings you to a better place in your day to day life. So read some jokes or talk to family, friends or colleagues that you know will brighten your mood and make you laugh.

10. SLEEP! Truly try your very best to get 7-8 hours every single night. Going to bed earlier and getting enough sleep will help you feel more relaxed throughout the day and will help ward off those feelings of tiredness and procrastination.

So there you have it! Try to follow this list every day and start living a healthier life to reduce stress and just feel better.

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