Caffeine During Pregnancy…How Much is Too Much?

Once we see those 2 little pink lines on the pregnancy test, one of the first things we get ready to say bye bye to is caffeine.  A lot of pregnant women will stop drinking caffeinated products all together out of fear that the caffeine might someone damage the new baby growing inside of them. They will not drink any products that have caffeine in it. They stay away from coffee, soda pop and even some stay away from chocolate. Others will still drink caffeinated products, but lower the amount we consume. For instance, instead of drinking 5-6 cups of coffee per day, they will only have one to help get them through their long days. Or if you’re like me, you will have your AdvoCare Spark energy drink! 🙂

You will hear many older women, namely our mothers and grandmothers, remind us that they didn’t change the amount of caffeine they consumed on a daily basis and we turned out just fine. But keep in mind, that a lot of research has been done since that time and recent studies do show that having too much caffeine may cause some complications during pregnancy such as, low birth weight or even pre-term labor.

So you may be wondering…how much caffeine is too much? Many physicians are telling expecting mothers that a small amount of caffeine will not hurt their unborn babies. Any amount less than 300 milligrams a day, which is the equivalent of an 8 oz cup of strong coffee…or like I said, 1 Spark, will not harm your baby. Amounts over 300 milligrams may put your unborn baby at risk and recent studies have also shown that women that drink over 300 milligrams per day, especially during their first trimester, have littler higher risk of miscarriage.

Another study has revealed that women that drank over 500 milligrams each day often had babies that have faster breathing rates and heart rates. These infants spent more time awake during their first few days of life, instead of resting peacefully after their long journey into this world.

As you  may realize there are also other reasons we might want to reduce our caffeine intake while were pregnant. First of all, there is absolutely no nutritional value in caffeine. We need to be very aware of what we are putting into our bodies all the time, but especially while we are pregnant. Secondly, don’t forget that caffeine is a stimulant and will often increase your heart rate which may cause you to not be able to sleep and even give you headaches, which will only add stress to growing baby. Third, many of you don’t know this, but caffeine can cause heartburn. If this isn’t your first rodeo being pregnant, then you know that heartburn can be a real bother, and caffeine will just add to this discomfort. Last, but not least, caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it can cause you to lose fluids, which can in turn make you become dehydrated.
As you can see, it is not necessary that you give up ALL caffeinated drinks during your pregnancy, but it is highly recommended that you drink it in moderation…or not at all.  If you are someone that can’t handle just having 1 cup of coffee per day, then you might opt to not have any at all. Or stick with decaf coffee and caffeine free pop. Don’t forget though that even decaf coffee has small traces of caffeine, so it still needs to be drank in moderation. If you are someone that is wanting to give it up completely, AdvoCare also has a drink called V16 – which is a lot like Spark (same mental focus and energy), WITHOUT the caffeine.

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