Eating to Conceive

eating to conceive

I would say it is safe to say that every pregnant woman knows how important it is to eat healthy while you’re pregnant – the benefits it provides you and your baby are invaluable. But how many of these same women realize how important it is to have a healthy diet BEFORE you get pregnant, or if you’re trying to get pregnant? Many don’t realize the direct link between a healthy lifestyle and getting pregnant. And this works for those that have weight to lose, or for those that have weight to gain. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, your diet could very well have something to do with it.

Rule of thumb for those of you that are trying to get pregnant, start eating healthier and taking care of yourself. Begin to cut back on your caffeine consumption; if you’re a smoker, quit; start taking prenatal vitamins or a supplemental multivitamin that contains at least 400 micrograms of folic acid (I recommend AdvoCare CorePlex with Iron); begin to add foods that are rich in folic acid such as: spinach, other green veggies, nuts, and O.J.

Basically just start to reevaluate your eating habits. Eat more foods that are high in vitamins, fiber and minerals. Start to minimize the consumption of ┬áprocessed foods, high fructose corn syrup, fried foods, & foods containing food coloring. Have a diet that has a high nutrient density – not just empty calories. Begin to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day, and make sure you are getting plenty of protein. Stay away from raw fish and undercooked shellfish, meat or chicken (now that should be a given whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, you don’t want to get sick after all). Try to avoid foods that contain unpasteurized milk such as: camembert, brie, and some Mexican cheese.

Be sure you are consuming enough water each day. This one is HUGE. Water should be your drink of choice each and every day, before, during and after pregnancy. It helps to keep your system flushed of toxins and keeps you hydrated. Drinking enough water will keep you from getting headaches, will help you sleep better, & keep you from becoming so fatigued. After you have drank at least 8 glasses in a day, then you can start to incorporate some fruit and vegetable juices (but keep those to a minimum).

Lastly, and this one may be very difficult for some people, but try to cut out alcohol. In a study done by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it showed that women who drink a lot or often have a much harder time getting pregnant than those who don’t drink very often or at all. Not to mention, several birth defects can be caused by alcohol exposure during the first few weeks of pregnancy, when many women don’t even realize they are pregnant.

So if you’re trying to conceive, getting your body prepared before you do is one of the best decisions you could make. Not only will it help you GET pregnant, but once you are, your body will be more prepared to take the experience of growing your baby.


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