Food Cravings While Prego

Pregnancy cravings

Let’s be honest…do pickles wrapped in cheese sound good to you? Or maybe a red pepper dipped in peanut butter? Or do you find yourself digging through your freezer desperately looking for that carton of ice cream that you know you have stored in there? Or maybe tearing your pantry apart in search of the perfect salty goodness? If you are pregnant, then there has been a time, or a time is coming when you will crave something. For most it is sweets, salty foods, or dairy products, but there is also a few that have some very strange cravings…like the few I mentioned at the very beginning of this blog. As crazy as some of these cravings may be, they are typically safe.

Some old wives tales would have you believe that the foods you crave is an indication of the sex of your baby. They claim that if you are having a girl, you will have a major sweet tooth. And if you are having a boy, you will want more meats and cheeses. Being 36 weeks pregnant with a baby boy as I type this, I’m here to tell you that those are just old wives tales. I have craved all of the above at some point…from salty foods to cheese to the sweets…I’ve wanted it all. And like most pregnant women, the cravings are one of the things I love the most about being pregnant. Or maybe it’s the fact that I can indulge in these things without all the “guilt.”. 🙂

Now believe it or not there have been women that actually crave things like soil, chalk, or dirt. If this happens to be you, you really need to consult your doctor right away. This is typically a sign of an iron-deficiency in your diet and your doctor will be able to give you a vitamin to get your iron levels up, or at the very least, tell you safe food items to eat that won’t harm you or your unborn baby. AdvoCare actually has a great multi-vitamin called CorePlex with Iron that I have been taking throughout my pregnancy in place of a prescription or over the counter prenatal vitamin and believe it or not my iron levels have been outstanding throughout this pregnancy. This meant a lot to me considering I had to be placed on an additional iron supplement when I was pregnant the first time.

Many doctors think that cravings can be nutritionally based, meaning, they are messages from your body telling you what it is needing to eat. So if you are having a desire to eat lots of salty foods, it could be your body telling you it needs more sodium as your blood volume increases. Craving fruit? Your body may need more vitamin C. Where the problem comes in is that sometimes the message from your body gets “lost in translation” so to speak, so instead of eating berries or fruit when you want something sweet, you eat desserts in abundance. This fun cravings can also be what causes your weight to skyrocket during pregnancy if you aren’t careful. There are ways to help you overcome or curb some of these cravings though.

First and foremost, eat a well-balanced good breakfast. By starting your day off right and giving your body what it needs right from the get-go you have a better chance of preventing cravings later on in the day. You should also make wise food choices by choosing healthy foods instead of the alternatives. If you are wanting a bag of potato chips, opt for soy crisps, pretzels, or even rice cakes; if you are wanting ice cream, go for the frozen yogurt instead; candy calling your name? chomp on some frozen grapes; craving soda? Go for sparkling water with a little fruit juice.

The next thing that will help you is to think smaller. If you have to have chocolate, have a snack size candy bar instead of a king size bar. If a brownie is what you desire, have one…but then stop there, don’t eat the whole pan. It is perfectly ok to “give into” some of your cravings, just don’t over do it.

After all, giving into your cravings during pregnancy – or even when you’re not pregnant, is not something to beat yourself up about and make you feel like a failure. Treat  yourself, but just try to remember to do it in moderation and small quantities and opt to make the healthy food choice a majority of the time.


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